Ski Training, Grande Motte Glacier

Some weeks ago from now I invested in skis and ski boots from a shop in Val-d’Isere. In winter the area of Val-d’Isere is a prestigious location for skiers and even famous people. Whilst I was trying on ski boots in the shop, the ski technician said that I had put on the ski boots precisely, something which he had not observed whilst watching punters attempt to try on boots in a whole winter season. I’m not sure what this implies about winter skiers in Val-d’Isere, but the ski boots I had tried, fitted neatly, and so I bought them. Perhaps it was just a ploy to get me to buy a pair of ski boots, but the ski boots were ex rental and a bargain at 40 euros. I bought also ex rental Rossignol skis, which were also a bargain at 95 euros. Cool, so let’s go skiing…

Today, I’ve been out skiing again on the Grande Motte Glacier. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy operating above the snow line, which is something that I aspire to do more. Today I was practicing parallel skiing and began to carve my first turns, which was a breakthrough, and became more natural as the day progressed. On the day the visibility was poor, almost nil at times, which meant that dark, glacier sunglasses were not useful, and goggles would have been more appropriate (lesson learned). Also, I only had one pair of gloves, whereas two pairs of gloves would have been much more useful (another lesson learned).
Whilst out on the glacier slopes, it was thoroughly enjoyable to watch professional skiers as they cruised past me at high speeds. I have realised that it takes a lot of motivation training to get up every day and ski from 7am until 1pm, which is what the French Ski Schools and other Ski Schools are prepared to do, and more. I regularly see some of the morning skiers, in the afternoon, running around the Lac de Tignes, along with professional football players. The Lac de Tignes is at an altitude of 2100m and is therefore a useful area to train.
I have recently, on several occasions, been back and spoke to the ski technician in Val-d’Isere. He asks me about my progress at skiing and the conditions on the Grande Motte Glacier.

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