Gorges de la Daille (Roc de la Toviere, Plates de la Daille)

Today I walked from Tignes to Val-d’Isere, via la Daille. La Daille has a deep, narrow gorge (Gorges de la Daille) that opens out to create the Lac du Chevril. The water in the gorge bisects a mass conglomerate of rock to give the ‘Roc de la Toviere’ and the ‘Plates de la Daille’.  Both the ‘Roc de la Toviere’ and ‘Plates de la Daille’ have been engineered into Via Ferratas. I climbed the ‘Roc de la Toviere’ in 2007 and it was good to be back in the area (most exposed Via Ferrata in the world?). 

Gorges de la Daille

Roc de la Toviere

'Roc de la Toviere' (left), 'Plates de la Daille' (right)