Motivation Training

The mountains can evoke powerful emotions in all of us, and sometimes this can motivate people in different ways. For me, it motivates me to train. I am always motivated to train in order to facilitate my performance in the mountain environment. You could say I’m committed. I must admit, however, that my training program has recently changed. Instead of training only at the climbing gym, I have recently started weight training in order to develop muscles, ligaments, and joints. On rest days, I have also begun Fartlek training; Fartlek training is helping to reduce my recovery rate at altitude, which is significantly noticeable when I push myself at altitude. I continue to stretch on a regular basis. The more I train, the more I realise what I want to do. In this way, because I know what I want to do, I’m going for it. This, in itself, is motivation I suppose.

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