Grand Motte (3653m)

In 2011 I climbed the ‘Grande Motte’ (3653m). I left the chalet at 3.30am to give myself a good chance of summiting, which seemed far too early at the time, but worked in my favour overall. The snow was generally in good condition, but the summit was heavily wind scoured, and so I trod carefully. At the summit there was a full panoramic view (stellar conditions). From chalet to summit, the height gain was 1550m! I should therefore be feeling tired whilst writing this post, but I'm not, I'm full of energy.

Wind Scoured Summit, Grande Motte

The view from the summit of the Grande Motte

The Summit Proper, Grande Motte

The 'Grand Casse' viewed from the 'Grande Motte'

Grande Motte