Balcony Nature Walk, Exploring Tignes

In order to begin my exploration of Tignes I started with a balcony nature walk. I began at Tignes le Lac and traversed around the Pointe du Lavachet (2630m), to eventually drop down to the Croix de Combe Folle. The Croix de Combefolle is an observation point with stunning views over the Lac du Chevril. Beyond the Lac du Chevril, the Mont Blanc Massif can also be observed on a clear day. In another direction from the Croix de Combe Folle there were also views of the Aiguille du Franchet (2846m), Aguille du Dome (3017m), and the Pointe du Front (2960m). During the walk there were beautiful flowers to be found and identified. This walk was a good introduction to the area and I further look forward to exploring Tignes and its surrounding area.

Croix de Combefolle

Lac du Chevril with the Mont Blanc Massif
shrouded in the background

Aguille du Franchet (left), Aguille du Dome (centre),
Pointe du Front (right)